Mission Statement

The establishment of the AEPC provided a single, initial point of contact for all European police training issues, though this role has largely been taken by CEPOL. It maximises co-operation and co-ordination on police training between member colleges.
It facilitates the sharing of best practice and research thereby making best use of resources. In particular it is hoped to focus upon the provision of training assistance to candidate EU countries and European countries by means of joint programmes wherever appropriate. It enables greater exchange of students and staff between national establishments including operational police officers.
Overall the intention is to assist the police services of member countries throughout Europe to provide the best possible policing for their communities whilst, at the same time, addressing the challenge of international crime.

Envisaged results
AEPC expects to achieve the following results:

  • Maximation of co-ordination and co-operation on police training in Europe
  • Most effective and efficient use of resources, avoiding duplication of effort
  • Shared research and development
  • Dissemination of best practice
  • police services of EU better equipped to tackle international crime and mutual problems
  • Introduction of information technology links between training establishments for communication and for on-line training purposes