Executive Committee Meeting in Prague

President of AEPC Dr. Norbert Leitner met with Czech Police President Major General Tomáš Tuhý at the official opening of the first EC meeting in 2017 in Prague on 6th March. During his short speech Czech Police President welcomed all representatives of Executive Committee in Prague and expressed the importance of competence development and education as a corner stone of professional policing. “Development of education and training is one of the top priorities of the Police of the Czech Republic and I am happy that Police Education and Training Unit was accepted as a member of AEPC. International cooperation, networking and sharing best practice outside national borders is the essential part of such approach”, said Major General Tomáš Tuhý.

Except of the officials mentioned above, first deputy of Czech Police President Brigadier General Martin Vondrášek, Director of Police Education and Training Unit Col. Marek Adam and two AEPC Vice-presidents Ms Nina Skarpenes and Mr Yilmaz Colak were present at this event.


20th Anniversary of the AEPC

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The Association of European Police Colleges was founded in 1996 and during the Executive Committee Meeting from 1st to 2nd December 2016 the 20th Anniversary was celebrated. It was a honour to welcome the former President of the AEPC, Maurice Petit and the first AEPC Secretary General, Terence (Joe) Frost to this jubilee.

Special Guests
from left to right: AEPC President Norbert Leitner, Terence Frost, Maurice Petit

At the Occasion of the National Day of Romania and the 20th Anniversary of the AEPC Norbert Leitner received a special gift from the Romanian colleagues of the EC on behalf of the Director of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza“ Police Academy.

from left to right: Gabriel Tauber (RO), Norbert Leitner, Peter Lamplot (Secretary General)

Letter from Colonel Piotr Bogdalski, PhD




The AEPC Annual Conference was held on the 6th October 2016 hosted by Turkish National Police Academy in Antalya, Turkey. The main theme of the conference was preventing radicalization and its implementation in police training. The main objective of the Conference was to share knowledge and experiences among relevant police organizations and institutions in AEPC Member Countries with regard to policies, strategies, programmes and best practices in the field of struggle with radicalization in terms of training.

The Conference was opened by the welcoming speech of the President of the Turkish National Police Academy, also Vice President of the AEPC, Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Çolak and the official opening speech by the President of the AEPC, Dr. Norbert Leitner. Mr. Çolak emphasized the importance of AEPC Conferences in sharing experiences and further collaboration. Concerning effects of radicalization on terrorism he remarked the coup attempt in Turkey on 15th July 2016.

Mr. Leitner expressed his thanks for the support and contribution of the Turkish National Police Academy to organize the Conference and welcomed all participants of the Conference.

Beside the Key Note speeches given by

  • Mrs. Fatma Ceren Yazgan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey)
  • Mrs. Bibi van Ginkel (Clingendael Institute, Netherlands) on the state of legislation in Europe concerning radicalization and radical groupings
  • Dr. Omar Ashour (University of Exeter, UK) on the understanding and teaching radicalization and de-radicalization in terms of concepts and processes and
  • Darren Coventry Howlett (RAN POL, Ireland) on Radicalization Awareness Network Police and Law Enforcement Working groups (RAN POL) trainings on radicalization issue

 the participants had the possibility to share their experience and thoughts in one of the three Workshops:

  1. International Cooperation against Radicalization and Radical Groups
  2. Suggestions about which Courses are and should be offered into Police Training to combat Radicalization
  3. Suggestions about how to combat Radicalization in the field via Training 

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First of all I would like to thank all the members who supported my candidature as Vice President. I am honoured and happy for the trust you are showing me.

The Norwegian Police University College (NPUC) has been a member of the AEPC for several years. I have been employed at the NPUC since 1997, and have many years of experience from the field. I have had the pleasure of participating in the AEPC in several different capacities. I attended my first AEPC-meeting in Stockholm in 2005. Since then I have attended several meetings, both as an expert and as a member of the AEPC expert group on Quality Assurance Systems (QAS) in 2006/2007. Since 2008 I have attended the meeting as the Norwegian voting member, being the Deputy Rector of NPUC and for the two last years the Rector.  These experiences have given me great knowledge about the association.

In my experience, the AEPC is an efficient network for police colleges from all over Europe and European neighboring countries. The network provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration between police colleges, for information sharing, to learn from each other and to support each other. In 2016 this friendship and network is more important than ever. An ever-changing international society is dependent on national police forces that enjoy public trust and confidence. Moreover, international police collaboration for combating organized crime and other serious crime is of increasingly importance.

I am very motivated to participate more actively in this network and to support President Norbert Leitner in his important position as President of the AEPC.




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The Police Education and Training Unit is the supreme body responsible for education and training within the Police of the Czech Republic. It was established on 1 July 2015 by Act of the Minister of the Interior no. 32/2015 as a unit with nation-wide competency. It succeeded former Department of Education of Police Presidium and at the same time it took over all the Police Education responsibilities formerly managed by Ministry of the Interior itself.  Colonel Marek Adam was appointed as Director.

The tasks of the unit range from conducting basic police course for new recruits, direction and coordination of compulsory in-service training, conducting and coordination of further vocational education including senior and leadership courses.

Police Education and Training Unit´s directorate is located in Prague. Further, the unit consists of three training centres in six different locations throughout the Czech Republic. Total strength of the unit is 450 police officers and civil employees.

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 Colonel Marek Adam